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Southern Style

Fried Chicken



Taste bold Southern US fried chicken using authentic Nashville-style recipe delivered to your home to enjoy with friends and family.

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Image by Henrique S. Ruzzon

Signature Chicken

At Southern Soul, we only use the best. As our founder Aunt Sudie would put it, the best fried chicken always starts with great quality chicken. 

We believe in supporting local farms where possible. There is nothing like the taste of a natural farm raised chicken.


Our story


Southern Soul fried chicken’s recipe started in a humble farmhouse nestled at the end of a quiet grassy lane in Bristol, Tennessee in 1935. Mother of 5, Sudie Isarella Taylor Johnson was a charming yet hardworking women who raised her family through the Great Depression.


She was a magician in the kitchen having to feed 5 hungry mouths. She always believed that great food should come from the soul. She was best known around the town for her southern fried chicken. She used to say” That the best way to have chicken, is fried”. She often spent hours in the kitchen with a little brown book in hand tinkering with her chicken recipe.


From humble beginnings, Southern Soul fried chicken today still retains the same great rustic taste and original recipe of great grandma Sudie as it aims to spread her legacy and passion of soul food throughout the world.

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Soul Sets

Original Chicken Tenders Set (6pcs)

Original Chicken Wings Set (6pcs)

Original Chicken Wings & Drumettes Set (6pcs)

Original 2 Pieces Set

Original 3 Pieces Set

Nashville Chicken Sandwich Set

Nashville Tenders Set (6pcs)

Nashville Wings Set (6pcs)

Nashville Wings & Drumettes Set (6pcs)

Nashville 2 Piece Set

Nashville 3 Piece Set

Southern Soul Sides

Mashed Potato


Seasoned Fries

Criss Cut Waffle Fries (with 1 dip)

Curly Fries (with 1 dip)

Truffle Fries


Original Chicken Wings (6pcs)

Original Chicken Wings & Drumettes (6pcs)

Original Chicken Tenders (6pcs)

Original 2 Pieces

Original 3 Pieces

Nashville Chicken Sandwich

Nashville Tenders (6pcs)

Nashville Wings (6pcs)

Nashville Wings & Drumettes (6pcs)

Nashville 2 Piece

Nashville 3 Piece


Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Molten Lava Chocolate Cake


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